Linear algebra 1 - tutorial

Tutorial Credit

  • In order to get the tutorial credit, you need 100 points in total.
  • Points can be obtained either from short tests at the beginning of the tutorial (à 10 points) or from homework assignments (à 5 points).
  • It will be possible to get at least 150 points during the semester.
  • Deadline for handing in the homework assigment is always before the next tutorial.
  • You can collaborate with your colleagues when solving the homework assignments but you must write down you solutions independently.

When Sick

  • Do not attend the tutorial and contact me via email.
  • Not being able to attend the tutorial due to sickness will not prevent you from obtaining the tutorial credit.

Office Hours

  • There are no fixed office hours.
  • Contact me via email or after the tutorial to schedule a meeting.


  1. tutorial on October 5, 2021: Analytical geometry
  2. tutorial on October 12, 2021: Solving systems of linear equations
  3. tutorial on October 19, 2021: Matrix operations
  4. tutorial on October 26, 2021
  5. tutorial on November 2, 2021: Regular matrices
  6. tutorial on November 9, 2021: Groups
  7. tutorial on November 16, 2021: Fields
  8. tutorial on November 23, 2021: Vector spaces and subspaces
  9. tutorial on November 30, 2021: Linear independence
  10. tutorial on December 7, 2021: Fundamental subspaces
  11. tutorial on December 14, 2021: Linear maps
  12. tutorial on December 21, 2021: Matrices of linear maps
  13. tutorial on January 4, 2021: Image, kernel, isomorphisms

Points for tests

‘‘Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is. You’ll have to see it for yourself.’’ – Morpheus