I have recently joined the Computer Science Institute at the Charles University in Prague. My research is in theoretical computer science with a focus on problems at the intersection of cryptography, game theory, and computational complexity.

I received my PhD in 2014 at the Aarhus University working in the Aarhus Crypto group supervised by Jesper Buus Nielsen.

After my PhD, I spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow hosted by Moni Naor at the Weizmann Institute of Science supported by the Israeli Center of Research Excellence in Algorithms. Then I was a Postdoctoral Fellow hosted by Alon Rosen for one year at the FACT center at IDC Herzliya, Israel.


  • Tortoise and Hares Consensus:
    the Meshcash Framework for Incentive-Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies
    Iddo Bentov, Pavel Hubáček, Tal Moran and Asaf Nadler
    [current version]


  • Must the Communication Graph of MPC Protocols be an Expander?
    Elette Boyle, Ran Cohen, Deepesh Data and Pavel Hubáček
    38th International Cryptology Conference - CRYPTO 2018
    [to appear]
  • ARRIVAL: Next Stop in CLS
    Bernd Gärtner, Thomas Dueholm Hansen, Pavel Hubáček, Karel Král, Hagar Mosaad and Veronika Slívová
    45th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming - ICALP 2018
    [full version]
  • An Efficiency-Preserving Transformation from Honest-Verifier Statistical Zero-Knowledge to Statistical Zero-Knowledge
    Pavel Hubáček, Alon Rosen and Margarita Vald
    37th Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of Cryptographic Techniques - EUROCRYPT 2018
    [full version]
  • The Journey from NP to TFNP Hardness
    Pavel Hubáček, Moni Naor and Eylon Yogev
    8th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science - ITCS 2017 (honorary invited paper)
    [full version]
  • Hardness of Continuous Local Search:
    Query Complexity and Cryptographic Lower Bounds
    Pavel Hubáček and Eylon Yogev
    28th ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms - SODA 2017
    [full version]
  • Rational Sumchecks
    Siyao Guo, Pavel Hubáček, Alon Rosen and Margarita Vald
    13th IACR Theory of Cryptography Conference - TCC 2016-A
    [full version]
  • When Can Limited Randomness Be Used in Repeated Games?
    Pavel Hubáček, Moni Naor and Jonathan Ullman
    8th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory - SAGT 2015
    Invited to the special issue of Theory of Computing Systems for SAGT 2014/15

    [full version] [journal version]
  • On the Communication Complexity of Secure Function Evaluation with Long Output
    Pavel Hubáček and Daniel Wichs
    6th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science - ITCS 2015
    [full version]
  • Cryptographically Blinded Games:
    Leveraging Players' Limitations for Equilibria and Profit
    Pavel Hubáček and Sunoo Park
    15th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation - EC 2014
    [full version]
  • Rational Arguments:
    Single Round Delegation with Sublinear Verification
    Siyao Guo, Pavel Hubáček, Alon Rosen and Margarita Vald
    5th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science - ITCS 2014
    [full version]
  • Limits on the Power of Cryptographic Cheap Talk
    Pavel Hubáček, Jesper Buus Nielsen and Alon Rosen
    33rd Annual Cryptology Conference - CRYPTO 2013
    [full version] [video]

Teaching / Výuka

Current Students

  • Veronika Slívová [PhD]

Spring 2018 (LS 17/18)

Fall 2017 (ZS 17/18)