An approximation of my appearance (2021).

Pavel Veselý

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Institute
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (MFF)
Charles University
Office: S326 (recently moved from S323)
Address: Malostranské nám. 25,
   118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic


  • Jul'23: a new paper about parallel (MPC) algorithms for clustering, namely k-median and k-means in Rd, that works well for even for k exceeding the machine local space.
  • Aug'23: The final version of the ReqSketch paper (Relative Error Streaming Quantiles) just accepted in Journal of the ACM!
  • Sep'23: The hidden constant in the last line of my CV has increased ;-) (other parts of CV require more explicit updates, but not now)
  • Mar'24: building on masked superstrings, we have develped an algebraic framework of f-masked superstrings for k-mer sets, allowing for seamless execution of set operations. Moreover, when combined with an adaptation of the FM index, it yields an efficient data structure for k-mer sets indexing and set operations.
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