An approximation of my appearance (2021).

Pavel Veselý

Assistant Professor
Computer Science Institute
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (MFF)
Charles University
Office: S326 (have recently moved from S323)
Address: Malostranské nám. 25,
   118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic


  • Jun '22: An 8-page summary of Relative Error Streaming Quantiles paper published in SIGMOD Record as a research highlight, together with a nice 1-page technical perspective by Rasmus Pagh. The summary describes a slight variation of the algorithm, compared to the conference version.
  • Oct/Nov'22: Attended FOCS and gave a talk about high-dimensional geometric streaming. The conference was amazing!
  • Nov'22: φ-competitive algorithm for packet scheduling in SICOMP. I appreciate the fast publication process!
  • Feb'23: in my first paper appeard at bioRxiv, theory of the shortest superstring problem meets practice of k-mer set representation.
  • Feb'23: update of the paper on streaming facility location (FOCS'22): thanks to Arnold Filtser, our algorithmic framework gives a constant, that is O(1/ε), approximation in one pass, albeit with space increased to nε.
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