NDMI025 - Pravděpodobnostní algoritmy - Randomized Algorithms

Spring/LS 2023 - Jiří Sgall - Mon 14:00 (2pm) S4

The course will be in English, unless all participants are comfortable with Czech.

Recordings from year 2021 are available in SIS.

are led by Pavel Veselý, they are scheduled on Tue 10:40. We will discuss this at the first lecture (Feb 13) and possibly change.


In September, there will be one more exam on Sept 18. If you need a different date during the summer, it may be possible - write me a mail.

Covered topics


[MR] R. Motwani, P. Raghavan: Randomized algorithms.
[MU] M. Mitzenmacher, E. Upfal: Probability and Computing: Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis

Previous run, Fall (LS) 2021

The course is given every two years.