Mathematical Colloquia

The Mathematical Colloquia is a distinguished series of talks with a long tradition. The first Colloquium was held in 1987 and the original motivation was to enrich the mathematical life in Prague by inviting some of the key mathematicians and computer scientists of our time. The Colloquia were established by Jaroslav Nešetřil and originally organized by the Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM) under the name KAM Mathematical Colloquia. Now they are run jointly by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Institute of Charles University (CSI/IUUK); Jaroslav Nešetřil remains the main organizer. At a frequency of about 2-3 Colloquia per year the following lectures were presented:

The lectures are widely advertised and usually attract a large audience not only from Prague but also from Bohemia, Moravia and even Slovakia. The past Colloquium Lectures covered most of the branches of mathematics (mathematical analysis, geometry, algebra, number theory, combinatorics, set theory, functional analysis, mathematical physics, probability and theoretical computer science and applications).

It is believed that some of the talks were extraordinary. Some of the talks were organized with other Prague institutions (Mathematical Institute of Charles University, Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute for Theoretical Studies of Charles University) or with University of Ostrava. The organization of the Colloquia were made possible by generous support of KAM and our University and Czech grants.