Tung Anh, Vu

I'm a Ph.D. student at the Computer Science Institute, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. I'm very fortunate to be advised by Martin Koutecký. My research interests include computational social choice, integer programming, and computational complexity.



  1. Bounds on Functionality and Symmetric Difference -- Two Intriguing Graph Parameters
    with Pavel Dvořák, Lukáš Folwarczný, Michal Opler, Pavel Pudlák, Robert Šámal
  2. Generalized k-Center: Distinguishing Doubling and Highway Dimension
    with Andreas Emil Feldmann


  1. On the Arrangement of Hyperplanes Determined by n Points
    with Michal Opler, Pavel Valtr


Summer semester 2023/2024

Winter semester 2023/2024

More teaching can be found in the archive.