David Hartman

  Everything is both simpler
than we can imagine,
and more complicated
that we can conceive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Main areas of interests

My research is divided into several areas. The first area is the analysis of symmetrical relational structures and particularly those meeting homogeneity condition. Within this area the interesting parts are:

  • Homomorphism-homogeneity of various structures
  • Classes defined by various types of homogeneity
  • Relational and lift complexity

Another area is area of interval optimization, where the main areas are:

  • Using interval aritmetics in algebra
  • Solvability of interval systems

Last area is that of complex network with application to neurology and climatology, where the main area of interests are:

  • Reliability of complex network construction
  • Modelling of complex network and graph limits
The results from these areas can be found at publication page.

Research databases and networks

Participation in grant projects

  • GACR 19-11753S - Czech Science Foundation standard research grant
    Computational neuroscience grant in cooperative with Institute of Physiology
  • GACR 19-16066S - Czech Science Foundation standard research grant
    Nonlinear interaction and information transfer in complex systems
  • FP7 BRAINSYNCH - EU 7th Framework Research Programme
    Large scale interactions in brain networks and their breakdown in brain diseases.
  • ERC CZ CORES - ERC grant
    ERC grant on Complex Structures: Regularities in Comb. and Discrete Math
  • CE-ITI - Czech Science Foundation center of excellence
    Centrum of Excelence - Institute for Theoretical Computer Science
  • GACR P103/11/J068 - Czech Science Foundation bilateral research grant with Germany
    Interactions, information transfer and complex structures in the dynamics of changing climate.
  • GACR P402/13-10660S - Czech Science Foundation standard research grant
    Interval methods for optimization problems

Recent conferences

  • On equality of two classes of homomorphism-homogeneous relational structures, BANFF 2018 Unifying Themes in Ramsey Theory, Banff, 2018
  • Equality of classes MH and HH, ICMS 2018 From permutation groups to model theory workshop, Edingurgh, 2018
  • Computing powers of interval matrices, SCAN 2018, Tokyo, 2018
  • Disturbing effects within construction of stock networks, Dresden, Germany, 2018
  • Tightening bounds on the radius of nonsingularity, MAT TRIAD 2017, Bedlewo, 2017
  • Towards relational complexity of graphs, LC 2016 Logic Colloqium, Leeds, 2016