DYNASNET (ERC project)


Dynamics and Structure of Networks

This page contains basic information about the implementation of the ERC Synergy DYNASNET project at the Computer Science Institute of Charles University.

ERC Synergy Grant agreement ID: 810115
Prague principal investigator: Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Nešetřil, DrCs.
Main pages of the project: dynasnet.renyi.hu

Basic information

DYNASNET project is ERC project in program of EXCELLENT SCIENCE particularly in topic of ERC Synergy Grant led by Prof. Jaroslav Nešetřil in cooperation with

  • Charles university in Prague, iuuk
  • Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, renyi
  • CEU Budapest, CEU
  • CEU Wienna, CEU
For detailed information about project see European Commission pages.

Topic of the grant

Networks define our life, being essential to cell biology, communications, social and economic systems, and impacting virtually all areas of science and technology. The aim of this proposal is to engage leading experts in network science and graph theory to build a mathematically sound theory of dynamical networks, which will be transformative to our understanding of complex systems, with applications in multiple disciplines. Both fields have made major conceptual advances in the past decade: network science has offered a data-based basic topological description of complex networks, and has started to address the inherently dynamical nature of real networks, their reconstruction and control; in mathematics we have seen major advances in graph limit theory, the local-global dichotomy in observation, and promising steps in the theory of graphs with intermediate degrees, that capture real networks. While these concepts offer different formalisms to capture the same underlying reality, there has been no conversation between the two communities, limiting our understanding of real networks. The proposed research aims to build on these advances to construct a coherent theory of dynamical networks, and to exploit its applications and predictive power to various real systems. We plan to offer a sound mathematical foundation of network science, helping us better analyze, predict and control the behavior of real networks. It will benefit mathematics in leading to an enriched, robust graph limit theory, with exciting applications in multiple areas of mathematics. To enhance the wider impact of the proposed mathematical advances, we plan to conduct a permanent conversation with experts from different domains that encounter and explore real networks, from cell biology to brain science and transportation and communication networks, inspiring with novel questions and helping the application of our advances in these domains.


Prague team together in cooperation with other team members of the whole project organize (weekly) regular meeting on Tuesday morning to present actual work and research potentials.


Annual DYNASNET Meeting, 2023.10.16. - 2023.10.20., Lednice CZ

Annual DYNASNET Meeting, 2022.10.17. - 2022.10.21., Lednice CZ

Selected outputs

Main database for results of the project can be


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