David Hartman

  Everything is both simpler
than we can imagine,
and more complicated
that we can conceive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


working at Computer Science Institute (IUUK) on combinatorial analysis of complex networks including graph theoretic properties of complex network phenomena as well as algebraic properties of graphs including theory of symmetric relational structures, e.g. graphs possesing ultrahomogeneous or homomorphism-homogenous property, within Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM) and particularly as a part of Interval Methods Group of its Optimization division and on problems of interval optimization and linear algebra and within COBRA working group at Institute of Computer Science of Academy of the Czech Republic (CAS) on problems of utilization of complex network for analysis and characterization of real-world dynamic systems including human brain, the Earth's climate system, financial systems such as stock market or cybersecurity.

Research interests

Roughly described research topics, for more details see research.
  • Graph theory and combinatorics
  • Algebraic graph theory especially connected with model theory
  • Combinatorial theory of complex networks
  • Optimization and interval optimization and corresponding problems from linear algebra
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Computational climatology
  • Computational cybersecurity


Major courses at Charles University in Prague, see teaching and theses.
  • Graphs and networks
  • Algorithms of nonlinear optimization
  • Selected Chapters on Combinatorics I
  • Complex network analysis
  • Optimization seminar


(room No. 324)  
Malostranske nam. 25,
11800, Prague,
Czech Republic
e-mail: hartman < at > iuuk.mff.cuni.cz
university reference: hartman at MFF