David Hartman

  Everything is both simpler
than we can imagine,
and more complicated
that we can conceive.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Actual teaching

Following subject is organized this term.

Topics for theses

There are several meta-topics, which means that we can either accept them as they are or we can derive more accurate topics. This part is quite dynamical, so I do not guarantee that all topics are actual. The best way is to contact me directly.
  • Highly symetric graphs ... examples of these highly symmetric graphs are ultrahomogeneous graph characterize by property that every local isomorphism can be extended to automorphism of the original graph; problems in this field usually deals with classification of these structures or their properties.
  • Isomorphism of graphs ... famous problem of finding isomorphism of graphs is a candidate of distinguishing classes P and NP; it is intensively studied field and source of many interesting problems.
  • Complex networks ... complex networks represents well-known still quite new field of analysis of real world systems with network character like social, biological or climate networks; there are several problems how to model them, compute their characterstics or define processes over them.

Past teaching

  • NOPT008 - Algorithms of nonlinear optimization
  • NOPT051 - Interval optimization
  • NDMI002 - Discrete Math