Graphs and networks in context 2019

Summer program organized by Charles University and Zhejiang Normal University

Dates: June 24 – September 24 2019
Place: Charles University, Prague

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Preliminary schedule

(Subject to changes.) The lectures, which are typically 90 minutes long, will take place at the building of Charles University, Malostranské náměstí, 25, Prague.
Week 1
Tuesday, June 256:30Arrival, accomodation, registration
Wednesday, June 269:00Meeting inside of metro station (take bus 177 from Otava)
10:00–13:00Faculty headquaters,
Ke karlovu 8
Student IDs
12:00Faculty headquaters,
Ke karlovu 8
Welcome by the dean of Charles University Jan Kratochvíl
13:00–15:00S6Jaroslav NešetřilRamsey thoerem (proof, Erdos 1947 bound). Lecture notes on Ramsey theorem
Thursday10:00–11:30S6Jaroslav NešetřilRamsey theorem for hypergraphs, Shur theorem. Lecture notes on Shur theorem
Friday, June 2810:00–11:30S6Jaroslav NešetřilRamsey theory: second proof of Shur theorem, infinite Ramsey theorem for graphs. Homework: Infinite Ramsey theorem for n-tuples
13:00–Guided tour to Prague
Week 2
Monday, July 110:00–11:30S6Jaroslav NešetřilRamsey theory: existence of convex n-gons in large sets of points in general position. Compactness argument: infinite Ramsey theorem implies finite. Paris-Harrington theorem.
Tuesday, July 210:00–11:30S6Jaroslav NešetřilRamsey theory: van der Waerden and Hales Jewet theorems (no proofs). Structural Ramsey theory: abstract from of Ramsey theorem for structures. A-Ramsey property. Ramsey class.
15:00–16:30S6Xuding ZhuFractional Hedetniemi’s conjecture
Wednesday, July 310:00–13:30S6Xuding ZhuTBA
19:00–21:30National TheatreOpera Tosca
Thursday, July 310:00–13:30S6Problem session
Friday, July 5all daystate holiday
Saturday, July 6all dayTrip to Karlštejn Castle
Week 3
Monday, July 810:00–12:00S6Jan HubičkaThe Random graph. See also chapter by Peter Cameron
Tuesday, July 910:00–12:00S6Jan HubičkaRandom graph is homogeneous. Relational structures lecture notes
19:00S5Oldřich Lipský, Jiří BrdečkaLimonadovy Joe
Wednesday, July 1010:00–12:00S6Jan HubičkaFraisse theorem
Thursday, July 1110:00–12:00S6Jan HubičkaRamsey classes, EPPA
Friday, July 1210:00–12:00S6Martin MarešGenerating graphs
Week 4
Monday, July 1510:00–12:00S6Jaroslav NešetřilStructural Ramsey Theory: high chromatic graphs of large girth
14:30Historical tram
Tuesday, July 1610:00–12:00S6Robert ŠámalNetwork flows
14:00–15:30S6Michal ČertíkWorld bank
18:00–21:00S5Karel ZemanInvention of Destruction
21:00–2:00SkyPartial moon eclipse (best at 23:30)
Wednesday, July 1710:00–12:00S6Robert ŠámalNetwork flows
Thursday, July 1810:00–12:00S6Lluis VenaRegularity lemma
Friday, July 1910:00–12:00S6Lluis VenaRegularity lemma
Week 5
Monday, July 22-Friday 26Workshop and school on topological methods
10:00–12:00S11Matěj KonečnýIntroduction to computational complexity
Tusday, July 23all dayS5Topological methods tutorial
Wednesday, July 2410:00–12:00S11Matěj KonečnýIntroduction to computational complexity
Thursday, July 2510:00–12:00S11Pierre SimonFirst order logic and 0/1 law of the Random graph
14:00–16:00S11Patrice Ossona de Mendezrank-width, linear rank-width and the tale of k-boundedness
Friday, July 2610:00–12:00S11Pierre SimonFirst order logic and 0/1 law of the Random graph
Week 6
Monday, July 19-Friday, August 2Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop XXIV
Week 7
Monday, August 5GDR
Wednesday, August 7-Friday, August 9Trip to Český Krumlov, lectures by Jiří Fiala on topological minors
Week 8
Monday, August 1210:00–12:00S6Tereza VojtechovaCzech Legends
afternoonTereza VojtechovaAround Prague to places from legends (walk)
Tuesday, August 1310:00–12:00S6Tereza VojtechovaThe difference between Chinese, Moravian and Irish dance
13:30-17:00S7Tereza VojtechovaIrish Set dance worshop. Suitable shoes are important! You want to wear smooth-soled shoes which stay on your feet and don't slip off. No flip-flops or high-heeled shoes.
Friday, August 1610:00–12:00S6Zdeněk DvořákSublinear operators
Week 9
Saturday, August 178:30-19:30Trip to Czech Paradaise
22:00-24:00Jazzdock: Terne Čhave
Monday, August 1910:00–12:00S6prof. Olga LomováChina imagined by Europe
Tuesday, August 2010:00–12:00S6Andy ZuckerTBA
14:00–16:00S6Andres ArandaTBA
Wednesday, August 2110:00–12:00S6Andres ArandaTBA
Thursday, August 229:00–12:00Visit to Strahov Monastery
Week 10
Tuesday, September 310:00–12:00S6Ales PultrTopology: general approach to continuity
Wednesday, September 410:00–12:00S6Matrin LoeblEdge cuts in planar graphs