Karel Král

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I am a Phd student at Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University. My advisor is Michal Koucký.

email: kralka (at) iuuk.mff.cuni.cz

office: fifth floor of the building in Malá Strana, room number 508, ring the bell "Doktorandi KAM".

This page is always under construction.


Sorting Short Integers (ICALP 2021)

Michal Koucký, Karel Král.

Data Structures Lower Bounds and Popular Conjectures (under submission)

Pavel Dvořák, Michal Koucký, Karel Král, Veronika Slívová.

On Average-Case Hardness in TFNP from One-Way Functions (TCC 2020)

Pavel Hubáček, Chethan Kamath, Karel Král, Veronika Slívová.

Stronger Lower Bounds for Online ORAM (TCC 2019)

Pavel Hubáček, Michal Koucký, Karel Král, Veronika Slívová.

ARRIVAL: Next Stop in CLS (ICALP 2018)

Bernd Gärtner, Thomas Dueholm Hansen, Pavel Hubáček, Karel Král, Hagar Mosaad, Veronika Slívová.

Ramsey numbers of ordered graphs (Electronic Notes in Discrete Maths 2015)

Martin Balko, Josef Cibulka, Karel Král, Jan Kynčl.


ICALP 2018: ARRIVAL: Next Stop in CLS (slides)


Bachelor: Visibility Graphs

Masters: Data structure behavior with variable cache size (pdf)


The 9th BIU Winter School on Cryptography (Zero Knowledge)

Summer School on Lower Bounds 2015 and 2018

Swedish Summer School in Computer Science 2018



GA CR EXPRO project: EPAC: Efficient approximation algorithms and circuit complexity

Project page.

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP/2007-2013) / ERC Grant Agreement n. 616787.

Project page.

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