Research interests graph theory (nowhere-zero flows, homomorphisms), applications of semidefinite programming (vector coloring), game theory, theoretical computer science.

List of publications (somewhat dated)

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Selected students

  • Hadi Zamani, current Ph.D. student -- Graph limits
  • Babak Ghanbari, current Ph.D. student -- Cycle double covers
  • Radek Hušek, Ph.D. thesis defended in 2022 -- nowhere-zero flows in graphs, cycle double covers, etc.
  • Peter Korcsok, master thesis defended in 2015 (thesis awarded by 2. prize in SVOČ 2014)
  • Hana Bílková, master thesis defended in 2015
  • Lucie Mohelníková, master thesis defended in 2014
  • Jan Voborník, bachelor thesis defended in 2013
  • Hana Bílková, bachelor thesis defended in 2012
  • Jan Hladký, bachelor thesis defended in 2006 (thesis awarded by 1. prize in SVOČ 2007)


  • email:
  • address: Computer Science Institute, Charles University, Malostranske nam. 25, 118 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
  • in person: the address above, 3rd floor, room 323