Combinatorics and Graph Theory II

Recitation, Tuesday 10:40, S8

Credits ("zápočty") from the recitation will be awarded for active participation in the course or for the solution of homework assignments. To get credit for the recitation, you need to gain at least 20 points. For each recitation where you actively participate, you obtain 5 points. You may score additional points for solving the homework assignments, which you may download below.


How to contact me in person

If you need to contact me in person, write me an email and we can arrange a meeting in my office (room 323 at Malá Strana).

Please send me your solved homework exercises by email. You may write the solutions in Czech or in English and submit them in any commonly available format (a simple text file is often sufficient). You may collaborate with other participants of the course, but your collaboration must be acknowledged in the submitted solution, and the points you earn for the solution will be split evenly among all the coauthors. If you don't understand the statement of an exercise, or if you think the statement is ambiguous or incorrect, ask me for a clarification or a translation. If you can't solve an exercise, you may ask me for a hint. If  you decide to ask for a hint, please tell me about your previous attempts to solve the problem, otherwise my hint might tell you something you already know. For every hint I give you, I will subtract one point from the value of the exercise. There are no deadlines for solving the homework assignments, but all the solutions submitted after 13. 1. 2008 will be only awarded half of their normal score.


 Here are the summaries of all recitation sessions so far (pdf files).

If you have any questions, contact me at