Combinatorics and Graph Theory II

Lecture on Tuesday 14:00, S11

The tutorials will be led by Andreas Feldmann on Thursday at 9:00 in S10.

This page will contain brief summaries of lectures with links to relevant literature. See the syllabus in SIS. The contents of the lecture will probably closely match last year's version.

Topics covered:


[Bal] P. Ballen: Perfect graphs and the perfect graph theorems (pdf introductory paper)
[Ba] P. Bartlett: Chordal graphs (pdf lecture notes)
[BCh] The Bondy and Chvátal theorem
[Blo] The Blossom Algorithm
[Bo] B. Bollobás: Modern Graph Theory
[D] R. Diestel: Graph Theory
[EKR] The Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem
[HR] Y. Haimovitch, A. Raviv: Chordal graphs (pdf slides)
[T] R. Tarjan: Sketchy notes on [...] blossom algorithm for general matching
[W] H. Wilf: Generatingfunctionology