Combinatorics and Graph Theory II

Lecture on Wednesday 10:40, S11

The tutorials will be led by Andreas Feldmann on Tuesday at 10:40 in S8.

This page will contain brief summaries of lectures with links to relevant literature. See the syllabus in SIS.

Topics covered:


[Ba] P. Bartlett: Chordal graphs (pdf lecture notes)
[BCh] The Bondy and Chvátal theorem
[Blo] The Blossom Algorithm
[Bo] B. Bollobás: Modern Graph Theory
[D] R. Diestel: Graph Theory
[EKR] The Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem
[HR] Y. Haimovitch, A. Raviv: Chordal graphs (pdf slides)
[T] R. Tarjan: Sketchy notes on [...] blossom algorithm for general matching
[W] H. Wilf: Generatingfunctionology