Accompanying the main conference, several satellite workshops will be organized. The organizers are listed below. All workshops will be held on Monday July 9th 2018 in Malá Strana. The exact schedule will be announced.

Modern Online Algorithms (MOLI)

(submissions of contributed talks possible)
  • Leah Epstein (lea --at--

Game Solving: Theory and Practice

(submissions of contributed talks possible)
  • Tomáš Brázdil (xbrazdil --at--
  • Branislav Bošanský (branislav.bosansky --at--
  • Jan Křetínský (jan.kretinsky --at--

Parameterized Approximation Algorithms Workshop (PAAW)

(submissions of contributed talks possible)
  • Andreas Emil Feldmann (feldmann.a.e --at--


(submissions of contributed talks possible)
  • Antonín Kučera (tony --at--
  • Petr Jančar (pj.jancar --at--

Algorithmic Aspects of Temporal Graphs

(invited presentations only)
  • George B. Mertzios (george.mertzios --at--
  • Paul Spirakis (p.spirakis --at--
  • Viktor Zamaraev (viktor.zamaraev --at--
  • Eleni Akrida (e.akrida --at--

Constrained Recognition Problems

(invited presentations only)
  • Ignaz Rutter (i.rutter --at--
  • Steven Chaplick (steven.chaplick --at--

Summer School on Algorithms and Lower Bounds 2018

(invited presentations only)
  • Michal Koucký (koucky --at--

There will be a summer school after the conference held from July 16 to July 20. The event is organized by Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Computer Science Institute of Charles University.

Summer School on Discrete Mathematics

  • Zdeněk Dvořák (rakdver --at--
  • Jan Hladký (honzahladky --at--