English for Academic Purposes | 2017/18

6 October
Articles and clips
Kazuo Ishiguro wins Nobel Prize, Rereading The Remains of the Day (Guardian),
D. Siepmann, Academic writing and culture. (Introduction without paragraphing). J. Galtung, Structure, culture, and intellectual style.
CARS model for introductions (Finnish Virtual University)
Grammar and vocabulary
Key nouns, (Cambridge Academic Vocabulary in Use)

13 October
Articles and clips
Trump's war on knowledge (NYRB)
Garrison Keller on Ishiguro (Salt Lake Tribune), James Wood on Ishiguro (New Yorker)
Grammar and vocabulary
Key verbs, (Cambridge Academic Vocabulary in Use)
A short article on articles (David Appleyard).
Inversion and fronting ( Random Idea English)
edulcorate, benighted, pieties.
British vs American punctuation in/outside quotes (Guardian), quotation marks (Blue Book of Grammar), quotation marks (The Punctuation Guide)

20 October
Articles and clips
Brexit Shorts (dramas from a divided nation - Guardian). David Hare, Time to Leave, Kristin Scott Thomas.
Grammar and vocabulary
Pronunciation: stress in noun-verb pairs (from WordStress.info)
compact (verb, adjective, noun), combat
assume or presume?

27 October: NO CLASS

3 November
Articles and clips
H. Pinter, Apart from that (2004, Pinter/Graves - BBC Newsnight)
D. Siepmann, Academic writing and culture.
T. Gowers, The end of an error? (TLS, pdf)
Grammar and vocabulary
Pronunciation verse
G.N. Trenite, The Chaos (a poem on pronunciation, phonetic transcription)
Reporting verbs (Cambridge Academic Vocabulary in Use)
posit, postulate, eschew

10 November
Articles and clips
J. House, Translation Quality Assessment, Routledge, 2015 (ch. 8, p.88-92 [99-103 pdf] on five dimensions of cross-cultural difference)
L. Rienecker and P.S. Jörgensen, The (im)possibilities of teaching Anglo-American ways to Continental writers.
Grammar and vocabulary
phatic communication (R. Nordquist, ThoughtCo)
17 November - NO CLASS

24 November
Grammar and vocabulary
Reporting what other say (Cambridge Academic Vocab. in Use).
conation, phatic

1 December
Articles and clips
H. Pinter, Apart from that (2004, Irons/Varma),
Last to Go (1959; 1964, BBC Third Programme).
Phatic communion and transcripts of two Harold Pinter sketches
Grammar and vocabulary
"explanation how" vs. "explanation as to how"

8 December
Articles and clips
George Orwell, Politics and the English language, 1946. Extract.

15 December
Articles and clips
Trump's winning words (Guardian), A triumph of inarticulacy (Guardian)
N. Presley, Dystopia, Lord of the Flies, and Politics
Grammar and vocabulary
braggadocio, mansplain