Andrew Goodall

Andrew Goodall
Assistant professor
Research interests
the Tutte polynomial and other graph polynomials,
graph colouring and graph flows,
graph homomorphisms,
combinatorial duality
Employment and long-term visits
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Institute of Charles University (IUUK), Prague, Czech Republic (Sept 2012 – )
Visiting researcher, Departament de Mathemàtica Aplicada II, Universita Politècnica Catalunya, Spain. (Jan-Mar 2011, Apr–Jun 2009, Oct–Dec 2008)
Visiting researcher, Department of Applied Mathematics (KAM), Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (Sept 2010–Jan 2011, Apr–June 2010, Oct 2009–Feb 2010)
Research Fellow in Discrete Mathematics, Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, University of Bristol, England. 2005–8
Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics, Merton College, University of Oxford, England (2002–5)
Merton College/Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, 2004. Supervisor: D.J.A. Welsh. D.Phil. thesis: “Graph polynomials and the discrete Fourier transform”
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