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Cvičení k přednáące Pravděpodobnostní metoda 2 (NTIN095)

Recitations for the course Probabilistic method 2 (NTIN095)

The homework exercises will be given out every two or three weeks at the lecture. A week later a hint will be given, and also available at this webpage. The next week the homework is due and a recitation section takes place on Wednesdy 9am, in S3.

Solutions delivered before the hint is released score up to twice the given points. Solutions delivered after the solution is given at the recitation section score at most 2/3 of the points. You can deliver the solution to us in person in our offices (326 and 323, 3rd floor) or before the lecture/recitation, put it in our mailbox (KAM, 2nd floor), or e-mail to {sgall,samal}@kam.mff.cuni.cz (scanned or typeset, no Word files, please). Please make sure that the solution is legible and sign each sheet.

Final details about point limits To pass, 42 points are needed, to score A without an oral exam, 76 points is needed. (Out of the 84 total points.)


Assignment Points Given out Hint available Due date and recitation section
Homework 1 and hints 15 Oct 12, 2011 Oct 19, 2011 Oct 26, 2011
Homework 2 and hints 15 Oct 26, 2011 Nov 2, 2011 Nov 9, 2011
Homework 3 and hints 15 Nov 16, 2011 Nov 23, 2011 Nov 30, 2011
Homework 4 and hints 16 Nov 30, 2011 Dec 7, 2011 Dec 14, 2011
Homework 5 -- hints already hereas well as a new exercise (no hints for it though)! 23 Dec 22, 2011 Jan 4, 2012 Jan 11, 2012