Smart Ulist

What is Smart Ulist?

Smart Ulist is a program which is primarily intended to print out in pretty fashion a list of logged-in users on Novell NetWare file server. It prints out among others full-names of logged-in users, names of computers (of course, if supplied translation file for them). Whole list can be sorted according specified rules.

This program can be used instead of USERLIST.EXE for Novell NetWare 3.11+

It requires PC-compatible computer running Novell NetWare 3.11+ Workstation shell.

It uses standard database configuration files used by bootp and/or DHCP daemons for resolving computer names . (This file is NOT required by Ulist to be run.)

Official blablabla

Smart Ulist is provided as FreeWare. See documentation for full dislcaimer.


The current version of Smart Ulist is 1.9. You can download original package right now.

Changes from version 1.7:

Smart Ulist version 1.7 package .

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