Matroid Theory Tutorials

Summer 2020/2021

Tutorials to the matroid theory lecture by Ondřej Pangrác.



There will be 9 series of homework during the term (2-3 exercises each). For "zápočet" you need to solve them all - with possible consultations. Send me the solutions to my email. If you are stuck with some homework write me an email and we can arrange some consultation where we can discuss your approach and I'll try to give you some hint how to solve it. Each series will be divided into two parts - homework (the mandatory exercises) and other exercises - you can solve them to get familiar with the matroids, you can send me the solutions or discuss them with me but they are not mandatory for "zápočet". You can find here also a simple description of solutions for the non-mandatory exercises. The deadlines are rather tentative, but I recommend to not postpone the solving of exercises very much, as it can help you to get familiar with notions from the lectures.
Date Topic Deadline
10.3.2021 Basic Definitions 1.4.2021 Exercises (+ solutions)
25.3.2021 Duals and Minors 15.4.2021 Exercises (+ solutions)
12.4.2021 Matroid Algorithms 3.5.2021 Exercises (+ solutions)
21.4.2021 Connectivity 11.5.2021 Exercises (+ solutions)
4.5.2021 Higher Connectivity 30.6.2021 Exercises
14.5.2021 Representability -- double series 30.6.2021 Exercises
25.5.2021 Regular Matroids 30.6.2021 Exercises
2.6.2021 Gammoids 30.6.2021 Exercises