Foundations of Theoretical Cryptography (NTIN104) - ZS2017

The central aim of modern cryptography is to characterize the minimal necessary assumptions for solving given cryptographic task. This course introduces general cryptographic assumptions and their applications in constructions of cryptographic primitives and provably secure protocols. We also demonstrate some more advanced applications in cryptographic currencies and secure computation.


The class will be held in S11 every Thursday at 15:40.

Zápisky z přednášek

  • 5. 10. 2017
    Představení moderní teoretické kryptografie, perfect secrecy. [pdf]

Domácí úkoly

  • 1. domácí úkol -- odevzdat do 27. 10. 2017 [zadání]
  • 2. domácí úkol -- odevzdat do 5. 1. 2018 [zadání]

Reading material

  • J. Katz, Y. Lindell: Introduction to Modern Cryptography, Second Edition. CRC Press 2014
  • O. Goldreich: The Foundations of Cryptography - Volume 1, Basic Techniques. Cambridge University Press 2001
  • O. Goldreich: The Foundations of Cryptography - Volume 2, Basic Applications. Cambridge University Press 2004

Course contents

    • one-time pad, perfect security, computational security, indistinguishability
    • pseudorandom generators and computational one-time pad
    • pseudorandom functions and permutations
    • Message Authentication Codes and cryptographic hashing
    • signature schemes
    • applications in cryptographic currencies: Bitcoin
    • definitions and basic protocols
    • commitment schemes
    • applications in cryptographic currencies: Zerocash
    • simulation paradigm
    • oblivious transfer
    • secret sharing
    • garbled circuits