Midsummer Combinatorial Workshop XVI

July 26 - July 30, 2010, Prague

Transparencies from the presentations

Dragan Masulovic Computational complexity of homomorphism-homogeneity
Hebert Perez-Roses Some problems related to Algebraic Constructions of Large Graphs
Michel Pocchiola Generalized Pseudotriangulations
Stephan Kreutzer Computing Linkless and Flat Embeddings in R3
Martin Kupec Extending Precoloring of Fractional Coloring
Jan Volec Fractional colorings and independent sets in cubic graphs with large girth


The workshop starts at 9:30 every day, there will be up to 5 roughly 30 minute talks and a coffe break. The morning program ends before 1 pm and is followed by a lunch. Afternoons are reserved for individual discussions and problem solving.

The schedule of the tuesday – friday talks will be decided on monday, you are welcome to give (preferably a problem-oriented) talk. Only the title is required, the abstracts will be collected afterwards for the workshop booklet.

The registration starts on monday at 9:00 in the hallway of 2nd floor, just in front of lecture room S5. The talks will begin around 9:30 in S5. If you arrive later, please register with Mrs. Polisenska (ITI secretary).

On wednesday afternoon, there is an excursion to Strahov Monastery.

First announcement

The workshop continues the tradition of Prague Combinatorial Workshops held since 1993. Oriented on problems of all fields of graph theory, combinatorics and discrete geometry, it will continue in the spirit and informal working atmosphere of the previous meetings.

The workshop takes place at DIMATIA and the Department of Applied Mathematics of Charles University, Malostranske namesti 25, Prague 1, which is located in a historic building in the center of Old Prague. The workshop is also supported by ITI Charles University (Center for Theoretical Computer Science).

The workshop participation is by invitation only. If in doubt please contact organizers.

The accomodation and part of the meals are provided by the organizers. A fee of EUR 70 will be collected during the event to cover part of the expenses.

The program will be determined from day to day. The afternoons are reserved for discussions and other program. If you intend to give a talk, please let us know few days in advance so that we may schedule Monday program.


A booklet with talk abstracts and problems communicated at the workshop will be published in the KAM-DIMATIA Series. All speakers are kindly asked to send us short notes about their talks. The notes are assumed to be written using LaTex (using standard LaTeX macros; do not use specialized macros for journals/conferences, please). Do not exceed 3 pages, please. We also kindly ask you to prefere .eps format of figures if possible. We appreciate if you send your notes as soon as possible (no later than 1st October 2010) to Martin Tancer (tancer at kam.mff.cuni.cz). Thank you!

An example of a booklet from the previous year can be found at KAM-DIMATIA Series (2010-959).

Preliminary list of participants


All e-mail correspondence concerning the workshop (e.g. registration and accommodation booking) should be directed to mcw2010@kam.mff.cuni.cz.

Senior organizers: Jaroslav Nešetřil, Jan Kratochvíl

Junior organizers: Tomáš Gavenčiak, Pepa Cibulka


We have reserved accommodation for July 25 – 31 in the following hotels:

Travel info (public transport)

For the public transportation you can buy a 75-minute ticket in a newsstand or in a vending machine for 26 CZK. You have to validate it as you enter the (first) tram or bus or as you enter the subway zone.